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Government readies handout of free SIM cards

The Finance Ministry plans to seek the cabinet’s approval to supply registered low-income earners, currently receiving a range of state welfare benefits, with a mobile phone SIM card offering a free internet connection. “The purpose of the free internet is to ensure the poor have access to internet-based sources of information and news that concerns […]Read More


Finance to give free SIM cards to low-income earners

The Ministry of Finance is coming up with another idea to give free SIM cards to low-income earners so they could access to the Internet easily with hope that they could make some earnings from the use. But it has yet to consider if free mobile phones will also be given in addition to subsidizing […]Read More


Government collects data on low-income earners to improve social welfare

BANGKOK, 14 July 2016 (NNT) – Unemployed individuals and low-income earners have been urged to register with three public financial institutions to help the government improve its social welfare system. According to Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) Deputy Director Pornchai Thiraveja, improvements to social welfare will allow for sustainable improvements to quality of life for low-income […]Read More


Drug Robin Hood: Thai Man Gives Narcotics to the Poor

A Thai man’s apparent desire to help the poor led him to crash the methamphetamine prices in the region. The authorities of the Thai province of Ayutthaya were initially stupefied when the price of meth suddenly tumbled during May, from $8 to $3 per tablet. A subsequent police investigation revealed that the cause of this […]Read More


Government to build cheap housing in Bangkok

The government will earmark almost 100 billion baht to build more than 100,000 low-priced housing units for low-income families in the next three years. Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said Monday the government wants low-income earners to be able to afford their own homes, and the project would give them the chance to do so. […]Read More


Thai PM vows to allocate land to the poor

PRIME MINISTER Prayut Chan-ocha has promised to deliver “happiness” as New Year gifts to low-income people. “Through projects to be launched by various ministries, people will get free stuff and access to low-priced products,” Prayut said yesterday. Read more: The NationRead More


Starving to death in ‘wealthy’ Japan

It may be one of the largest economies in the world but Japan is quickly becoming a country divided into “rich” and “poor”. Police believe three people found in their Saitama apartment, yesterday, died of starvation- a sad fate that highlights the worsening state of Japan’s economy. The three adults, believed to be a family […]Read More


Tourists and the child exploitation industry

Travellers and expats in Thailand know the scene of child poverty well. A six-year-old girl, sitting neatly on a mat, painted in bright red lipstick, with a woman sitting nearby, begging for money. A 12-year-old boy, selling chewing gum at 11 pm in an adult entertainment area: he impresses you with his cheeky smile and […]Read More