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In Five Years Euro Will Become a Thing of the

The European single currency project is doomed to failure, German financial analyst Marc Friedrich told Sputnik. While IMF boss Christine Lagarde is insisting on the Eurozone’s further economic integration, Brussels’ real objective is to tighten control over the EU member-states, which amounts to nothing short of a dictatorship, he opined. Nobody can save the euro, […]Read More


Phuket: Frenchman busted for passing counterfeit euros

PHUKET: A French national was arrested while attempting to exchange a counterfeit 100 euro banknote on Soi Bangla yesterday. Rene Louis Regrault, 59, was apprehended by Tourist Police after the bill he went to exchange at the Shino Money Exchange counter was flagged by an employee. Read more: Phuket GazetteRead More


Thai Baht at new 16-year high

At 8.18am, it hit a new 16-year high at 28.71 per dollar, gaining 2.02 percent from end-March, according to Bank of Thailand data. Month to date, the currency also gained 6.40 per cent against Japanese yen, at 29.26 per 100 yen. Read more: The NationRead More


Euro crisis biggest risk to Thai economy

The chronic crisis in the Euro zone is cited as the biggest downside risk for the Thai economy, as this could destabilise global financial markets and the global economy, two key committees of Bank of Thailand said. In their first joint meeting, the Monetary Policy Committee and the Financial Institutions Policy Committee agreed that volatility […]Read More


Euro zone will break up, Bank of Thailand Governor predicts

Bank of Thailand Governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul envisions the eventual break-up of the euro zone. Much depends on the euro economies’ commitment to the handling of their structural problems and agreement to amend the Maastricht Treaty to embrace fiscal and labour integration, which are the kingpins of monetary integration. The United States went through this crisis […]Read More


Thai Baht strongest in 2 months

BANGKOK, 8 February 2012 (NNT) – The Thai baht has appreciated to the highest level in two months after the Euro rose for the first time during the same period. The Euro has strengthened due to investors’ confidence that Greece will accept the second round of aid to avoid a default. Soon after the market […]Read More


Gold price to hit new high after festive season

BANGKOK, 24 January 2012 (NNT) – Gold price is expected to reach an all-time high of THB27,000; however, it is inadvisable for investors to hold on to the metal for too long a period of time, according to the Gold Traders Association. Mr. Jitti Tangsitpakdee, president of the Gold Traders Association, has revealed that gold […]Read More


Pattaya Hotel Theft 2 Russians Caught on Camera

Chonburi Immigration officers arrested two Russians charged with theft in upscale Pattaya hotels. The duo had a bizarre behavior of taking pictures with the stolen goods. Additional evidence was provided by the security cameras of the hotels. Pattaya, January 19, 2012 [PDN]; Col. Chusak Mansamporn, Bureau of Immigration ,Chonburi team arrested Mr.Denis Skvortsov aged 31 […]Read More