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In Five Years Euro Will Become a Thing of the Past – German Financial Analyst

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500 Euro banknotes

500 Euro banknotes (€500), the highest-value euro banknote. Photo: geralt (Pixabay).

The European single currency project is doomed to failure, German financial analyst Marc Friedrich told Sputnik. While IMF boss Christine Lagarde is insisting on the Eurozone’s further economic integration, Brussels’ real objective is to tighten control over the EU member-states, which amounts to nothing short of a dictatorship, he opined.

Nobody can save the euro, Marc Friedrich, an analyst at financial advisory firm Friedrich & Weik told Sputnik Germany, adding that the European currency is likely to become a thing of the past in just five years.

According to the analyst, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s call for the creation of the bloc’s “rainy-day fund” will lead to nothing less than Brussels’ dictatorship.

“The head of the IMF is French,” Friedrich noted. “Now Christine Lagarde behaves like her compatriot [French President Emmanuel] Macron. She has set herself a goal to rescue the EU and Eurozone. Of course, they are in cahoots. Both are former [investment] bankers and know each other well. Germany will undoubtedly become the ‘champion of payments.’ This is a pre-agreed game. Together with the banking union and the introduction of a unified deposit insurance system, this is yet another step towards EU dictatorship. They are desperately trying to save the euro. But the euro cannot be saved. One can only hope that German policy-makers will resist it. Hope is always the last to die, but, eventually it dies.”

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