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Creditors approve Thai Airways restructuring plan

Thai Airways International (THAI)’s restructuring plan was approved by creditors yesterday (Wednesday), holding 91.56% of the carrier’s combined debts. The airline’s creditors, who met via video conference, after the postponement of the meeting on May 12th, also approved the appointment of five administrators, former THAI President Piyasvasti Amranand, Acting THAI President Chansin Treenuchagron, Pornchai Thiravet […]Read More


Global Youth Issued Joint Statement on Myanmar’s Human Rights Crisis

249 youth organizations with 1.7 million members from 65 countries joined in joint statement advocating peaceful solutions to the human rights crisis in Myanmar. Through this “Joint Statement of World’s Civil Society and Youth on Myanmar’s Human Rights Crisis,” youth organizations take into account international cooperation to increase the collective voice for seeking solutions through […]Read More


TG president warns airline on brink of collapse, staff must

Thai Airways International president Sumeth Damronchaitham has admitted, for the first time, that the national flag carrier is in deep financial crisis, to the extent that it may have to fold unless all staff members unite to work harder. He also said that there may still be time, albeit not much, to save the company […]Read More


Greek Migrant Camp Workers Plan Strike, Protest Overcrowding Crisis

Workers are striking at one of Greece’s most troubled camps to protest overcrowding and inhumane conditions after migration minister Dimitris Vistas called the situation “very difficult, near impossible”. The Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos only houses 3,100 refugees, but struggles to cope with over 8,300 entrants. Protesting squalid conditions, camp workers […]Read More


Sweden Heading Towards Deep Economic Crisis

Following a year in which arriving asylum seekers (about 163,000) outnumbered children being born in the nation’s hospitals (approximately 115,000), Sweden is still struggling with accommodating the new arrivals, as well as providing them with education and jobs. The growing costs of immigration and a housing bubble have paved the way for a “deep” economic […]Read More


5 very awkward int’l prizes as Germany’s Merkel honored over

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel receives a European medal honoring her achievements in the “freedom from fear” while tackling Europe’s worst migrant crisis since WWII, RT looks back at other controversial awards given out to international leaders. Merkel & EU refugee crisis Merkel received the International Four Freedoms Medal from the Netherlands-based Roosevelt Foundation on […]Read More


Does Merkel Want to Create ‘United States of Europe’?

The German Chancellor is seeking to use the current refugee crisis to abolish national borders and further integrate the EU, DWN reported. The migration crisis may be used by Angela Merkel to build a “United States of Europe.” National borders are thought to disappear completely, while border guard activities are expected to be in the […]Read More


Hundreds of Refugees Vanish Without a Trace in Germany

Roughly seven hundred of 4,000 asylum-seekers who had been initially accommodated in the German state of Lower Saxony have mysteriously disappeared, and because of administrative breakdowns, local authorities are clueless about who and where they are. The staggering figures were revealed by local officials in the northwest German state by a survey conducted by the […]Read More