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Lovers in Indonesia Get Flogged for Pre-Marital Sex

A woman in Indonesia ended up collapsing and passing out after receiving 100 lashes for engaging in pre-marital sex. According to the Daily Mail, the flogging was delivered in public in the city of Lhokseumawe on Monday, with the woman’s male lover also receiving 100 lashes, with the “Sharia law punishment” being administered by the […]Read More


Caning of 2 Women Reflects Badly on Islam: Malaysian PM

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Thursday decried the public caning of two women in Terengganu state this week, saying it tarnished the image of Islam as he called for lighter sentences to prevent a repetition of the case. The women each received six strokes of the cane after pleading guilty to charges linked to […]Read More


Caned and Fined: Two Malaysian Women Punished for Attempting Lesbian

The two women were engaged in lesbian sex in a car parked in a public place in the northeastern state of Terengganu. Same-sex relations are considered illegal in Muslim-majority Malaysia, where Islamic courts can try Muslim Malays on personal matters alongside civil courts. In a rare case against same-sex relations in Malaysia, two local women, […]Read More


Indonesia: Aceh Province Canes 15 Outside Despite Pledge to Stop

Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province publicly whipped 15 people on Friday, including a homosexual couple, despite a pledge in April to hold canings only inside prisons after the punishment drew international condemnation. Two men each received 86 lashes after they were found guilty in June of engaging in gay sex. The other 13, including five women, […]Read More


Ayutthaya: Teacher accused of hurting 25 students

AYUTTHAYA – Parents have accused a teacher of injuring 25 Mathayom 1 students, including three with serious conditions, by caning them with a one-metre rattan stick. The parents filed the complaint with Pol Lt Col Sawong Phannawai, an interrogator at the Bang Pahan police station, on Thursday. Full story: Bangkok Post SUNTHON PONGPAO BANGKOK POSTRead More


Indonesia: Aceh Court Sentences Couple to 85 Lashes for Gay

In an unprecedented case, a court in Indonesia’s only province that enforces Islamic law convicted two gay men on Wednesday for having sexual relations and ordered that they each receive 85 lashes of the cane, despite pleas for leniency. The defendants, whose full identities were withheld, are expected to be caned in public next week […]Read More


Indonesia: 2 Buddhists, 4 Muslims Caned in Aceh for Violating

Under a scorching sun on Friday, two ethnic Chinese men became the first Buddhists in Indonesia’s Aceh province to be whipped for violating its strict Islamic code. The two men, identified only by their initials, A.S. and A.A., received nine and seven lashes, respectively, as punishment for gambling through cockfighting. But their punishment was considerably […]Read More


Chinese employees spanked for incompetence

Inept employees at a business in China were publicly spanked for their poor performance, reports People’s Daily. In video captured on cellphone, a manager is seen upbraiding staff, lined up on stage before their colleagues at Chinese Rural Commercial Bank. Then he produces a baton and begins spanking them on the buttocks. Though the employees […]Read More