President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the address "On the conduct of a special military operation" on February 24, 2022

One year of war in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin says Russia is ‘invincible’ against the West

One of the most repeated phrases in the last year is that the world has returned to a bipolar scheme led on each side by the same powers that starred in the Cold War: Russia -then USSR- and the United States. Saving distances, the picture after a year of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine is quite clear. On the one hand, Vladimir Putin and his “invincible” Russia vis-à-vis the West; on the other, Joe Biden, first in Kiev and then in Poland, setting himself up as the guardian of the intentions of Volodimir Zelenski and his bloc of allies.

“They want to inflict a strategic defeat against us. That is why I have to announce the suspension of the treaty. There is no connection between the START issue and the Ukrainian conflict or other hostile actions of the West against our country,” Putin said in his address to the nation, in the most relevant part of his two-hour message. For Moscow everything that happens is Washington’s fault. Thus, Putin believes that Russia “must be ready to carry out nuclear tests if the United States carries them out first.”

The Russian president says he is clear about the West’s real plans. “They want to defeat us and at the same time examine our nuclear facilities”, he assured, after a speech in which he gave no major news beyond an increase in tension at a time when Russia has just started a new offensive. In this scenario, Putin warns: Russia will achieve “step by step” all its objectives.

Biden, on the other side, picks up the gauntlet. “NATO is stronger than ever,” he said from Poland, where he was on an official visit, but that does not mean that the West is going to attack Russia. The US and the West are not seeking to destroy Russia, Biden said. The United States once again denied that possibility, and does not feed the shadow of a nuclear confrontation either. But that does not mean that support for Ukraine will end. “We will not get tired,” the U.S. president assured because Kiev’s allies have “a commitment to the most basic principles, such as the sovereignty of nations, democracy or the right of people to live free.”

Former Russian Vice President Medvedev calls U.S. President Joe Biden “Strange Grandfather with Dementia” who “Can’t Find His Way Out of a Room”, The Gateway Pundit reported

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has stressed that Russian forces cannot conclude without a “victory” the military offensive launched over Ukraine because, if so, Russia would “cease to exist.”

“If Russia ends the special military operation without a victory, Russia would cease to exist, it would be torn to pieces,” Medvedev said on his Telegram account, where he also noted that “if the United States would stop supplying weapons to the Kiev regime, the war would end.”

Medvedev, number two in the Russian National Security Council, has responded in this way to the speech delivered on Tuesday in Poland by U.S. President Joe Biden, whom he has accused of speaking with “hatred” and of speaking from “senile insanity.”, the news outlet detailed

“Who is this strange grandfather speaking from Poland with a blank stare? Why is he appealing to citizens of another country at a time when he already has enough problems at home?” said Medvedev.

Instead, he has praised the speech to the nation delivered the same day by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he announced the suspension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

Russia and the United States see the world radically differently, and Putin and Biden say so every time they have an implicit face-to-face, as in this case. Putin was threatening in his message. Biden, from Poland, opted for forcefulness. The United States does not want “a world ruled by fear and force”; Russia does not want to be cornered by the West. That is what the Kremlin feels. In other words, sidereal distance. And meanwhile, the war goes on.

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