Protester seriously injured by gunshot wound during anti-government protests in Bangkok

Toyota ambulance in Bangkok

Toyota ambulance on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Photo: Paul Sullivan / flickr.

Medical sources said they found a bullet lodged in the head of a seriously injured man who was taken to a hospital from a protest in the capital Bangkok on Monday.

Thai police confirmed Wednesday that during the protest “live ammunition was fired at the protester, but not from their officers” and that they were carrying weapons with “rubber bullets” during their operation, according to the ‘Bangkok Post’.

On Tuesday, dozens of people have gathered in the streets of the capital to demand the resignation of the prime minister, Prayut Chan Ocha, who led the 2014 coup. Thai police cracked down on protesters with water cannons and barricades to prevent protesters from passing.

Last Friday, three protesters were injured when Thai police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a rally in Bangkok.

The slow implementation of Thailand’s vaccination program and the financial stress of restrictions are piling political pressure on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha’s government.

-Thailand News (TN)

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