Over 35,000 Foreign Residents in Thailand Register for COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine vials and syringe

COVID-19 vaccine vials and syringe. Photo: Aliraza Gurmani / Pixabay.

BANGKOK (NNT) – According to Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as of Tuesday, 35,455 expatriates across the country had registered with expatvac.consular.go.th for vaccination. 7,793 are over 60, while 2,500 have underlying health conditions and 143 are pregnant.

The registration site for COVID-19 vaccinations was launched for foreign residents in all provinces. The applicants will be informed of the date and location for their first dose of vaccination in due course.

Full story: National News Bureau of Thailand

Reporter: Subhabhong Rarueysong,
Rewriter: Hugh Brammar
National News Bureau of Thailand

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