Why “reconciliation” committee looks doomed before birth

Parliament. The House of Representatives in Thailand

The House of Representatives in Thailand. Photo: พีรพัฒน์ วิมลรังครัตน์ (Peerapat Wimonrangkharat) / Abhisit Vejjajiva / flickr.

There are things that can never be reconciled, and one of them is clashing political ideologies. This is one of several reasons why the idea to set up a panel to discuss ways to bridge the national divide will most likely end up being another failure.

To “reconcile” means to restore friendly relations. The Thai situation, however, is two competitors fighting for power. The two competitors cannot be friends because cutthroat, winner-takes-all politics, or “democracy”, ensures that one side will lose power regardless of the outcome or ways to produce the outcome. Countries like the United States or England may be able to overcome consequences of such fight (barely, as America appears to be struggling too at the moment), but Thailand obviously does not have the maturity to deal with them.

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