ISIS claims responsibility for Kabul attack after over 20 rockets hit Afghan capital, killing 8

Afghan National Army trucks

Afghan National Army (ANA) during an exercise at the Kabul Militairy Training Centre (KMTC). Photo: Cpl Joosten (ISAF Headquarters Public Affairs Office.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has claimed responsibility for an attack on Afghanistan’s capital that left eight dead and several dozen injured, nearly three weeks after it carried out a rampage at Kabul University.

Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry said that a total of 23 rockets hit targets across Kabul.

At least one rocket landed in an office inside the capital’s diplomatic quarter, but it did not explode, according to reports.

In total, eight people were killed and 31 others were injured.

The Taliban denied any links to the attack. Hours later, Islamic State issued a statement taking responsibility for the barrage.

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