Brit who caught Covid, malaria & dengue fever in India now fighting to recover from deadly cobra bite

Elaphe scalaris Ladder Snake

Elaphe scalaris Ladder Snake. Photo: Júlio Reis (Tintazul). CC BY-SA 2.5

A British man who contracted malaria, dengue fever and Covid-19 while working for a charity in India is now battling to recover from a venomous cobra bite.

After running the gauntlet of the infectious diseases, Ian Jones was bitten by the deadly snake in a village near Jodhpur in western India’s Rajasthan state. While fortunate to survive the bite, he is now suffering with blindness and leg paralysis.

The Isle of Wight man’s family say he spent nearly two weeks in intensive care but has now left the hospital because of a shortage of beds and a high number of coronavirus patients. Jones is “very frightened” by his condition but his doctors are hopeful he can make a full recovery.

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