Afghan Refugee Jailed for Murder of 15-Year-Old German Girlfriend

Polizei - German police

German Police with handcuffs, gun and protective clothing. Photo:

The verdict comes amid growing anti-immigration sentiments in the central European country, including week-long protests in the city of Chemnitz following the knifing murder of a German man by alleged Middle Eastern migrants.

A juvenile court in the town of Landau, western Germany, handed down its verdict Monday in the case involving the asylum seeker, identified as one Abdul D, who claims to be a minor from Afghanistan. The defendant has confessed to stabbing his 15-year-old German girlfriend, Mia V. to death on December 27, 2017 with a kitchen knife at a drugstore in Kandel, a small town on the French-German border. He has confessed to the crime.

Prosecutors believe the defendant acted out of jealousy after the girl broke up with him, pointing to her and her parents’ appeals to police over his harassment and threats. Authorities have also raised doubts about his age at the time of the crime, and his nationality.

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