Pattaya City officials cracks down on Street Food Carts

Street food in Chumphon

Street food in Chumphon, southern Thailand. Photo: Dan Searle / flickr.

Pattaya City Officials are declaring war on street carts in areas where they are restricted. Street carts, which technically are against the law as they are not licensed and do not pass health inspections, have always been a part of Thai culture and Thai street food is beloved by both locals and tourists from around the world. Officials recognize how important street cart food is to the tourist industry and to the local populace but also, despite continual warnings, cannot permit them in areas where they obstruct traffic or cause problems.

For the past several days teams of police have been up and down Soi 6, Soi 7 and Soi 8 ticketing and confiscating food carts.

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