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Catalan parliament approves resolution to declare independence

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Catalonia is not Spain

Huge demonstration in Barcelona demanding national identity and independence from Spain. Photo: SBA73 / flickr.

Catalan Parliament approved this Friday with 70 votes in favor, ten against and two blank votes the motion for a resolution that assumes the declaration of independence signed on 10 October by the independentist deputies and that affirms that “the Catalan Republic is constituted as an independent and sovereign state.”

The proposal of Junts pel Sí and the CUP goes ahead in a secret ballot with the absence of the opposition

The secret ballot has been endorsed by both the Cup and Junts pel Sí, whose spokesman Roger Torrent has called for a roll-call vote and urn in order to avoid further criminal proceedings, following a warning from the legal services of the that the text could not be voted because the law in which it is held is annulled by the Constitutional Court.

The motion for a resolution, which assumes the declaration of independence in the preamble and that has been voted in secret and by appeal at the request of the promoter groups, urges the Government to begin “dictate all the resolutions necessary for the development of transitional law”, initiating the procedures to give Catalan citizenship and opening a negotiation for the distribution of assets and liabilities with the State.

The text of the declaration of independence, which was read by the President of Parliament, Carme Forcadell, was approved in the framework of Parliament’s plenary on Friday, in which the motions for resolutions had been voted (PR) on how to respond to article 155 that the Spanish Senate approved today. The two independentist groups have defended their resolutions in full against the accusations of the constitutionalist parties and CSQP of dividing the Catalans and putting at risk the Catalan institutions.

The EU warns Rajoy against the use of force as a response to the declaration of independence

Europe looks with concern the declaration of independence that the Parliament of Catalonia has made this Friday and the answer that the Spanish government may have when it comes to applying article 155 of the Constitution. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has asked Mariano Rajoy to dialogue and not use force.

“I hope that the Spanish government gives priority to the strength of the argument rather than the argument of force,” said Tusk in a tweet repeating the phrase he used after October 1 criticizing The police violence to avoid the referendum.


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