Vietnamese man killed and stuffed in garbage container in Bangkok

Thailand News Breaking News

Thailand News Breaking News. Image: TN.

BANGKOK, 21 March 2013 (NNT) – The corpse of a Vietnamese man has been found bound and left inside a black garbage bag in Charansanitwong 40, Bangkok. Police believe he was murdered due to conflict of interest involving a prostitution business.

Metropolitan Police inspected the body that was bagged and stuffed inside a large garbage container in a room in Phatthara Apartment. Police said the dead was a 30-40 years old Vietnamese man who had 6 stab wounds in the chest and abdomen. There were also many cuts on his face and legs.

Police said the room was being rented to 3-4 Vietnamese by its Thai owner.

A man and a woman that lived in the room apparently took the apartment’s garbage container into their room, before they disappeared and left the body behind.

Police believe the killers were in the same circle as the deceased, and the motive may have stemmed from conflicts of interest in prostitution.

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