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Fugging Unbelievable! Austrian Village to Ditch Unfortunate Obscene Name

The Austrian village of Fucking (pronounced fooking in Standard German) will change its name to Fugging on 1 January 2021, Mayor Andrea Holzner told the broadcaster Oe24 Thursday. The move to rebrand the village comes amid complaints by locals, whose serene and peaceful rustic life has been disturbed by tourists arriving to take photos of […]Read More


Summer storm lashes villages in Korat

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: Many villages in tambon Nong Ma Nao in Khong district of this northeastern province were hit by a summer storm late on Saturday night. Numerous houses were damaged by the storm that started at about 11pm, while some structures were totally demolished. Full story: Bangkok Post Prasit Tangprasert BANGKOK POSTRead More


Popular Hua Hin shopping village to close next month

The final curtain will come down on Ploen Wan, one of Hua Hin’s most popular tourist attractions, at the end of this January due to financial difficulties. Tenants of the 50s-era shopping village, located on Petkasem Road and close to the Klaikangwon Palace, have been notified of the closure, scheduled for January 31st, 2020. All […]Read More


Firefighters on alert as blaze endangers villages north of Phuket

PHUKET: Firefighters at Thai Mueang in Phang Nga province, north of Phuket, are on alert after a wildfire raged for two days before being brought under control as it came within 800 metres of a village. Disaster officials became aware of the fire on Saturday, Orathai Giasakul, Chief Executive of the Thai Mueang Municipality, told […]Read More


Kamnan, village heads to be trained on tourist security

THE Tourism and Interior ministries will initiate measures to ensure that local authorities provide security for tourists, while the Tourist Police will strictly enforce a new regulation to blacklist “overstay visitors” from Monday, senior officials said yesterday. The Interior Ministry would train local officials such as kamnan and village heads to provide safety for tourists […]Read More


Man gunned-down outside of East Pattaya Village

Late on Wednesday Night Police and rescue workers were called to the front of a village in East Pattaya to deal with the murder of a 30 year old man. At the scene, outside of the Chockchai Garden Home Village 2 entrance, was the body of Khun Santi. Read more: Pattaya OneRead More


Isan village in darkness for a decade

UBON RATCHATHANI — Hardship and despair have driven villagers who have lived without electricity for a decade to turn to the spirits for help. More than 20 families from Ban Kum, a village in tambon Huay Pai of Khong Chiam district, say they have aired their grievances to various state agencies numerous times but their […]Read More


Northeastern Village Still Waiting For Electricity, 25 Years Later

SAKON NAKHON — Residents of Nong Pai Yai village in northeastern Thailand are demanding local authorities install electricity in their village, twenty-five years after they first submitted a request. Pom Jairew, 53, said she was among the first group of villagers who went to the District Office to apply for electricity, when her daughter was […]Read More