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2nd Tropical Storm Hits Southern China

Heavy wind and torrential rains have lashed the southern coast of China for a second time in the past week, as tropical storm Nalgae made landfall after wreaking havoc on the Philippines. Nalgae struck the southern Chinese province of Hainan at midday Tuesday with 90 kilometer an hour winds, shortly after weakening from a typhoon. […]Read More


Typhoon Nalgae becoming more poweful while Nesat is weakening

BANGKOK, 4 October 2011 (NNT) – The Meteorological Department of Thailand said although typhoon Nesat has weakened into a depression while landing in the upper part of Vietnam, scattered showers and heavy rains can be expected in some parts of the upper region of Thailand. While ‘Nesat’ is becoming weaker, typhoon ‘Nalgae’ has gained strength […]Read More


Tropical Storm Nalgae to impact Thailand’s Lower Northeast

BANGKOK, 4 October 2011 (NNT) – The Thai Meteorological Department expects Tropical Storm Nalgae to reach Vietnam on 5 October, affecting the Lower Northeast of Thailand, while forecasting wet conditions nationwide due to monsoons. Speaking of the approaching Tropical Storm Nalgae, Deputy Director-General of the Meteorological Department Dr Somsri Huntrakul stated that the storm system […]Read More


Thailand on alert of Typhoon Nalgae

Thailand on alert for more floods from the upcoming tropical storm Nalgae which expected to hit Thailand next week. During 1-2 Oct, tropical depression “Typhoon Nesat” covers upper Vietnam and the rather strong southwest monsoon prevails over Andaman Sea, the south and the Gulf of Thailand. This cause isolated heavy rain in the North and […]Read More


Philippines Hit by Second Typhoon in Week

Typhoon Nalgae slammed into the main Philippine island of Luzon Saturday, bringing more suffering to more than a million people still trapped from flooding caused by Typhoon Nesat, which ravaged Luzon Tuesday. Nalgae made landfall on Luzon’s east coast Saturday morning, with sustained winds of 160 kilometers per hour and dangerous gusts up to 195 […]Read More