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Heavy rain expected in 23 northern provinces Sunday and Monday

People living in 23 northern and northeastern provinces of Thailand have been warned to brace for heavy and very heavy rain today and tomorrow, due to the influence of tropical storm Koguma, which is expected to make landfall in northern Vietnam today. The Thai Meteorological Department said today (Sunday) that the tropical storm was located […]Read More


Thailand Expects Heaviest Monsoon in 30 years

BANGKOK (NNT) – The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has disclosed that an early start to the rainy season in May is expected to be the heaviest in 30 years, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department. RID deputy director-general Dr Thaweesak Thanadechopol said this year’s rainfall would be higher than the 30-year average, and […]Read More


Heavy rains this weekend in Phuket

PHUKET: The heavy rains that soaked Phuket today are set to continue over the weekend, the Southern Meteorological Center, West Coast, based near Phuket International Airport, has warned. The heavy weather is forecast to continue through Sunday (Oct 9-11), Rungrawee Oankhot, Director of the Southern Meteorological Center, West Coast, warned in an announcement earlier today. […]Read More


‘Leakage’ From 5G Network Could Lead to Dodgy Weather Forecasts,

Fifth-generation wireless networks promise to herald a new era by making our communication faster than ever before. However, many users are now raising concerns over the effects these technologies could have on our health and some other routine operations. 5G networks could cause inaccuracies in weather forecasts in the future, a new study from Rutgers […]Read More


Cold front to hit North and Isan with temperatures expected

Temperatures in Thailand’s north and north-eastern provinces are forecast to fall 5-10oC between November 3rd and 7th, with frost on some of the mountain tops, where the mercury is predicted to dip to between 2-10 oC, the Meteorological Department reported today (Sunday). Meanwhile, in the central provinces, Bangkok and the eastern region, temperatures are expected […]Read More


Winter Begins in Thailand

BANGKOK, Oct 17 (TNA) – Thailand officially entered winter on Thursday as tourists have flocked to Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai province where temperature dropped to 11 degrees Celsius this morning. Winter is the high season for domestic tourism in the northern region’s mountainous areas. Full story: tna.mcot.net TNARead More


Heavy rain, gusty winds forecast through Tuesday

People living in the North, the Northeast, the East and Central regions have been told to brace for heavy rain and gusty winds until Tuesday, as heavy downpours hit parts of Bangkok on Saturday. The Meteorological Department said a moderate high pressure system was covering the upper Northeast and the South China Sea, while southeasterly […]Read More


Weatherman forecasts cold weather in December and January

Dust off your winter clothing in preparation for the arrival of the cold season at the end of this year, as the mercury in thermometers across the country, is predicted to fall substantially, including in Bangkok where temperatures may drop to 15-17 degrees Celsius in December and January. The Meteorological Department predicts that the current […]Read More