Thai Committee on Public Health Suggests E-cigarette Regulation and to End Ban on Vaping

E Cigarette vaporizer

Eleaf Istick 50w E Cigarette vaporizer. Photo: Ecig Click / flickr.

Dr. Eak (Ekkapob Pianpises) recently unveiled a sub-committee report on the Study of Impacts on Health and Monitoring the Enforcement of Public Health Related Laws under the Committee on Public Health.

The report points out that the current e-cigarette ban in Thailand is ineffective; instead, it has led to issues in terms of the clarity of the law, which has caused unaligned interpretations of the law for relevant agencies, unfair treatment towards e-cigarette users and problems of corruption while being unable to reduce the smoking rate or prevent the sale of products to children and young people. The report suggests that the government lift the ban on e-cigarettes and apply harm reduction measures along with current tobacco control policies.

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By Tanakorn Panyadee

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