Panic, Stampede in Italian Club Leave at Least 6 Dead, Dozens Injured

Fiat Ducato Ambulance Croce Amica Srl. in Rome

Fiat Ducato Ambulance Croce Amica Srl. in Rome, Italy. Photo: sv1ambo / flickr.

The incident reportedly took place near the eastern coastal city of Ancona. According to local media, the stampede started after pepper spray was used inside the Lanterna Azzurra club.

According to the Repubblica newspaper, a stampede and panic in an Italian night club left six people killed and at least 120 injured. As reported by RAI News, five minors and a woman have died as a result of the incident in a nightclub near the city of Ancona in eastern Italy.

A fire department spokesperson told Sputnik that 60 people have been hospitalized.

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