Denmark Loses Track of Thousands of Rejected Asylum Seekers

Picturesque houses in Nyhavn District of Copenhagen, Denmark

Picturesque houses in Nyhavn District of Copenhagen, Denmark. Image: skeeze (Pixabay).

The unaccounted-for persons could have either continued to stay in Denmark illegally, left for another EU country or returned to their respective home countries altogether, triggering concern among Danish politicians.

The Danish police are unfamiliar with the whereabouts of as many as 2,835 rejected asylum seekers, some of whom are believed to still be in the country, according to Radio24syv. Additionally, the whereabouts of a further 2,729 persons whose cases are still unresolved are also unknown to the Danish police.

According to the report, the bulk of the reports of unaccounted-for persons have accumulated over the course of the past three years. Most of them are believed to have left Denmark altogether, a police spokesman explained.

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