Several Policemen Get Acid Burns as Moroccan Migrants Storm Spain’s Border

Map of Spain

Modern Map of Spain. Image: Peterfitzgerald + Penarc.

Migrants regularly gather in large groups to try and make it to Spain’s enclaves in Morocco in order to end up on European land, despite the fact that some of them are repatriated later by migration services.

At least seven Spanish policemen in the enclave of Ceuta received acid burns after a group of roughly 300 migrants stormed the border fences with some of them hurling bottles with quicklime at law enforcement, AP reported on August 22. Some 116 migrants made it to the other side; many of them injured by the razor wire from the fences, and arrived at Ceuta’s temporary migrant reception center. The assault went unnoticed by the Moroccan police as most of the force was occupied by a prayer ceremony marking the start of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha.

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