Study shows push for EU demise gaining momentum

Broken European Union flag

Cracked European Union flag. Image: pxhere.

A recent study has revealed that far-right Eurosceptic parties have gained influence in the European Union and could make efforts to break the bloc.

An analysis which was based on a survey of national opinion polls showed that Eurosceptic parties were trying to break the EU coalition.

Polls were conducted by a variety of bodies in the 27 states that would remain members of the EU after Britain’s departure from the body next year.

The survey, which was carried out by Reuters and published in an article by the British state news agency on Thursday, further showed that Eurosceptic parties could expand their strength in the European Parliament by over 60 percent at elections next May.

It also warned that gaining 60 percent of the votes would increase pressure on EU leaders pressing for deeper integration after Brexit, Presstv reported.

Of the existing eight transnational party groupings in the European Parliament, the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) is a populist Eurosceptic political group.


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