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Thai Public Health Ministry warns of six diseases in the coming summertime

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BANGKOK, MARCH 06 2011 (NNT)- Deputy Public Health Minister, Dr. Phansiri Kulnatsiri, says that summer is getting closer and it is the season in which harmful bacteria tend to develop, especially in water shortage areas, which can trigger a risk in spreading food and water borne diseases. Therefore, people should be specifically careful about food and drink sanitations.

Doctors said one should practice a simple principle in daily routine; eat warm and well cooked food. Food that is not eaten right away, should be kept in refrigerator and warmed before eating. Use common table spoon when eating in a group, wash hands before eating and after using the toilet and drink only clean water.

The Ministry also assigned Communicable Disease Control department to announce to the public prevention measures for diseases which often occurred annually during summer, the diseases are diarrhea, food poisoning, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and hydrophobia.


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