Norwegian Property Developer prevents abduction attempt by 5 Thai Men in Pattaya

Thailand News Breaking News

Thailand News Breaking News. Image: TN.

A Norwegian Property Developer fought off 5 Thai men who attempted to abduct him in the early hours of Saturday Morning.

Mr. Svein Tore Holtekjolen aged 53 had spent the evening on Walking Street in South Pattaya with his Son and proceeded to Pattaya Second Road to catch a Baht Bus back to his residence. Outside the Tim Beer Bar the Baht Bus was forced to stop by a group of 5 men inside a Blue Toyota Saloon which was later found to be using false license plates, They claimed to the Baht Bus driver they were Police and had come to arrest Mr. Holtekjolen who challenged the men to produce Police ID’s and an arrest warrant which were not forthcoming.

The 5 men attempted to grab him but he resisted and fought with the men who eventually withdrew and sped away in their car.

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