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Leaked reports tie Thai soldiers to two shooting

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Two of the 10 leaked reports purported to have come from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and recently obtained by The Nation reveal how live bullets were “likely used” on both a bystander and a red shirt, with investigators concluding both cases were likely the work of soldiers acting on orders.

In the case of Dusit Zoo keeper Mana Ajran, who was shot dead on the night of April 10 just outside the zoo, the leaked investigation document concluded that it was “likely” the work of one of the soldiers who “panicked”, according to witnesses, after a dark-coloured pickup truck passed them and did a U-turn and was construed as an imminent threat.

Mana, who had just finished his work looking after the turtle pond inside the zoo, happened to be leaving the zoo’s gate facing Parliament at around 11-11.30pm that night when the truck passed by. The soldiers panicked and shouted “here they come”. Soldiers rushed into the zoo, then many shots were fired for several minutes only to later discover that Mana lay in a pool of blood with a high-velocity bullet piercing the back of his head.

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