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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport plagued with problems

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After four years in operation, Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which has set its sight on being one of the top 10 best airports in the world still find itself plagued with many problems.

The airport, which had been on a drawing board for nearly four decades prior to its construction, has faced a series of problems since it was opened in 2006. Problems ranging from its policies, ticketing system, to luggage-checking equipment; to name a few, seem to raised many questions as to how the airport has been organized or should have been organized.

Suvarnabhumi has since its opening day encountered a number of other problems that have made many passengers think of the more convenient and comfortable of Don Mueang Airport. Hundreds of cabs, both legal and illegal, and tour guides have been drawn to the busy airport posing security threats to authorities as well as tourists.

To rub salt into the wound, in October of this year, the airport once again faced another trouble; this time over its parking system. 40-odd armed men seized the parking lots at the airport, demanding that the concessionaire, Parking Management, leave the premises, so that they could take over the operation. The Airports of Thailand (AOT) terminated the concession of Parking Management Company Ltd., after the incident, given it had badly damaged the agency’s reputation as well as the country in bad light in terms of security.


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