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Thai Red Cross: number of Thais with aids on the rise

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BANGKOK, 23 November 2010 (NNT) – As World Aids Day, set for December 1st, is approaching, the Thai Red Cross Society has just announced that more Thais have come down with Aids, with gays facing the highest risk of contracting the deadly virus.

According to the Red Cross Society, 26 percent of sexually active gays have been treated for Aids; 16 percent of married woman have been infected with the incurable disease, and 12 percent of single woman have come down with the virus. HIV patients could live as long as normal people if they get immediate help, which could also prevent them from infecting their loved ones with the disease that kills millions each year.

The Thai Red Cross Society has also proposed that the law not require parental permission for children under 18 to have blood tests in order to reduce the spread of the HIV.