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Double Killing at Phuket Restaurant Shocks Diners

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

A MAN shot a female cashier through the head tonight at a restaurant in Phuket City, took about three steps, then turned the gun on himself.

The cashier slumped dead with a pen still in her hand, poised to calculate the next bill. The two shots horrified diners in the restaurant.

The shooter, Bandit Anurakbandit, 53, owned the restaurant, Klua Pailin, in eastern Phuket City, and another of the same name at Kathu waterfall.

Witness Awatsada Tongsakul, who was having dinner around 9.30pm with three friends and knew Khun Bandit well, said Khun Bandit was sitting in the restaurant at a table with three lawyers.

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