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Villagers protect historical sites in Ayutthaya Province

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BANGKOK, 26 October 2010 (NNT) – Villagers in Pompetchetch community, in the province of Ayutthaya, are speeding up the building of sandbag water barriers as the water level in the area has risen to nearly 1 meter deep. They are also geared up to prevent a historical site from being ruined.

Several ancient sites in Muang district, Ayutthaya Province, have been threatened by the most devastating flood in recent history; hundreds of homes in the area, especially the community of Pompetch, have been inundated under deep water brought on by the overflow from a river. The banks of the river are overflown, given the province is where two rivers, the Chaophya and the Pasak, merge. In the hope of protecting the ancient and historic sites from being damaged, villagers have joined hands building protection walls from thousands of sandbags. They have also installed water-pumping machines to pump out flood water. Out of concerns for the safety of the people, volunteer guards have been posted to keep an eye on the community day and night.


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  1. Ich sehe oft an den Regenmengen die in der Statistik gezeigt werden das so viel Regen nicht herunterkommt ! Frage : gehen Teile von Thailand unter ? Noch einen schönen Tag aus Deutschland.
    Roland Knabe

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