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Police to look for soccer fans who fired flares at

Hua Mark police have been ordered by Metropolitan Police commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Sanit Mahathavorn to investigate and to find out the soccer fans who fired flares into the air during the championship match of the AFF Suzuki Cup between Thai and Indonesian soccer teams at Rajamangala Stadium on Saturday night. He said he had seen […]Read More


One Direction Mania Hits Bangkok

BANGKOK: There’s no escaping the fact that the British boyband One Direction have landed in Thailand for their sold-out Saturday night On The Road Again Tour 2015 show at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok. It’s not only hysterical teenage Thai girls running all over town after their favourite pop stars but grown farang women in […]Read More


Two Ramkhamhaeng Students Arrested For Killing Redshirt

(23 December) The police have arrested two students suspected of killing a Redshirt protester during the clashes between rival political groups in Bangkok last month. Three pro-government Redshirts and one anti-government protester were killed by gunfire in the violence which erupted around Rajamangala Stadium, where the Redshirts were holding a mass rally, in Ramkhamhaeng district […]Read More


Police arrest two men for torching bus in Bangkok

BANGKOK, Dec 11 – Police today arrest two men suspected of burning a bus on December 1 in front of Ramkhamhaeng University near Rajamangala National Stadium where Red shirts had rallied to show their support for the government. Royal Thai Police’s Commissioner General Office adviser Pol Lt Gen Jarumporn Suramanee said the evidence collected to […]Read More


Bangkok Street Clashes Dead Identified As 1 Student, 3 Red

(2 December) The victims who lost their lives during nighttime clashes between rival protesters in Ramkhamhaeng district of Bangkok have been identified as one student from Ramkhamhaeng University and three Redshirts protesters. The clashes erupted when a group of anti-government protesters, mostly composed of Ramkhamhaeng students, approached the vicinity of Rajamangala Stadium, where thousands of […]Read More


Bus set on fire in Bangkok, 1 body found

A badly-burned body has been found on a double-deck bus registered in Kamphaeng Phet province which was set on fire in front of the Rajamangala National Stadium on Ramkhamhaeng Road where the red shirts had rallied to show their support for the government. Read more: Bangkok PostRead More


4 people shot at Bangkok Ramkhamhaeng University after clashes

At least four people were injured in Ramkhamhaeng University Saturday evening after gunshots were heard. The drama was thought to be related to clashes earlier with red-shirts from the nearby Rajamangala Stadium. The Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) has announced the closure of Ramkhamhaeng Road from Ramkhamhaeng to Lam Sali Intersection, […]Read More