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Clever street dog in Bangkok fakes broken leg to get

This video will leave you surprised, as it shows that not only humans are cunning, because when it comes to wanting to get something until animals act. This is the case of this Thai street dog, who has perfected his trick over time and the truth is that he manages to be very convincing. He’s […]Read More


Phuket con gang member arrested

PHUKET: Police today (Jan 5) arrested a 50-year-old man who was part of a four-member con gang that conned a woman out of more than B3 million in a gambling con after pretending to be interested in doing business with her. A team from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) Sub Division 6 led by Col […]Read More


Krabi Hotel Cons Tourists Out Of A Million Baht

Tourists who were meant to be staying at well-known hotel in Krabi where shocked when they arrived at the hotel to find there was no staff and the rooms that they had booked and paid for had not been reserved. KRABI – March 29,2014 [PDN]; at 15.00, Many tourists notified t Muang Krabi police station, […]Read More


Pattaya police arrest Tanzanian man for swindling 2 Thai women

A Tanzanian suspected con-artists was arrested on Soi Buakhao on Thursday afternoon after he was spotted by one of his alleged victims. Mr Gailly Sunday Mwakibinga is thought to have persuaded two Thai beer bar owners out of 300,000 baht each. In both cases, he asked to exchange large amounts of US dollars for their […]Read More