Truck Operators Want Diesel Price Capped at Bt30/Liter

Shell gas station in Thailand

Shell gas station in Thailand. Photo: Harsha K R / flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0.

BANGKOK, April 26 (TNA) – Representatives of the Land Transport Federation of Thailand will show up at Government House on April 27 to ask the government to continuously cap the diesel price at 30 baht per liter as the government plans to stop the price limitation on May 1.

Apichart Prairungruang, chairman of the federation, said its representatives would send the written request to the prime minister because without the longer limited diesel price, people would suffer from higher prices. The prices of goods were already high and if the government stopped capping the diesel price at 30 baht per liter, truck operators would raise their freight charges by 20% right away, he said.

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