Bali village invaded by thousands of spiders hanging from power lines and rooftops

A street in Bali Island, Indonesia

A street in Bali Island, Indonesia. Photo: Ph. by {{GFDL}} / Wikimedia Commons.

A village on the island of Bali in Indonesia has suffered the invasion of thousands of spiders that have taken over the power lines and roofs. Although it is a species that is not harmful to humans, the image has surprised Internet users.

On Reddit a user posted a video from Kintamani (Indonesia) in which it could be seen how the locals have not altered their daily routine at all by the presence of the arachnid visitors.

In the images one can see how a couple is riding a motorcycle quietly, at that moment the camera focuses on the power lines that pass over the streets and that are full of cobwebs.

The video, was filled with comments defining the footage as a “scene out of a nightmare” and showing their displeasure; while others claimed it was a “spectacle of nature”.

-Thailand News (TN)

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