Nepal Turning Everest Garbage Into Art Exhibit to Raise Awareness of Mountain’s Trash Problem

The Mount Everest rises to 8848 m. (29,028 ft.)

The Mount Everest rises to 8848 m. (29,028 ft.), making it the tallest mountain in the world. Photo: Bernard Goldbach / flickr.

Garbage collected from Mount Everest will be turned into an art display for a local gallery in Nepal, in a message intended to highlight the increasing amount of trash on the world’s tallest mountain.

Tommy Gustafsson, project director and a co-founder of the Sagarmatha Next Centre – an organisation for visitors’ information and waste up-cycling facility – told Reuters on Friday that foreign and local artists will be putting together artwork from discarded materials and train locals to transform the trash in someone useful and manageable.

“We want to showcase how you can transform solid waste to precious pieces of art … and generate employment and income,” Gustafsson said.

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