Irregularly Hot Summer This Year: Hail, Fires, Heatstroke

Thai soft drinks

Thai drinks chilled with ice cubes. Photo: Mattes.

BANGKOK — This summer’s unusually hot weather is already causing droughts, summer storms and forest fires, with one woman dead after a storm saw a tree fall and crush her car.

Experts predict that Thailand’s 2019 summer will be “irregularly” hot and characterised by an extended drought. In Bangkok Monday through Thursday, expect highs of 38C throughout the week, which will peak to 40C from around Friday and through the weekend. Much of the nation will be much the same, though northern, Isaan and central provinces will be even more arid – highs of 40 to 41C through Thursday, peaking to 44C starting Friday.

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By Asaree Thaitrakulpanich
Khaosod English

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