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Spaniard Artur Segarra loses appeal against death sentence

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Supreme Court of Thailand

Main entrance of the Supreme Court of Thailand. Photo: Wattana Songpetchmongkol.

A court of appeal in Bangkok decided on Friday to maintain the death penalty for the Spanish national Artur Segarra, sentenced to death for the murder in 2016 of his compatriot David Bernat, finding “unfounded” the appeal presented.

The Spaniard told EFE Agency that he will go to the Supreme Court, the highest court of Thailand and last appeal, seeking revocation of the sentence. The magistrate found the allegations of Segarra “unfounded” and considered valid the evidence and testimony obtained by the police on the crime, which were already accepted by a court of first instance in 2017, when sentenced Segarra.

During the reading of the decision of appeal, which lasted about ten minutes, the judge maintained the “guilt” of the accused and the “punishment” of the death penalty, a practice that is carried out in Thailand through a lethal injection. The alleged murderer listened to the report in chains and with a serious face and claimed after the visit to go to a hospital. After the decision of the Supreme Court, the judgment will be final. The main point of the defense is that Artur Segarra “denies everything,” EFE Agency told an Spanish legal representative.

The defendant charges against the “poor defense” he received from the three lawyers who came to defend him during the process and against the judges who handled the case.

A court of justice in Bangkok sentenced Artur Segarra to death in April last year after finding the arguments of the prosecution and the police evidence on the homicide valid.

In a letter, Segarra maintains his plea of innocence, and points to his former partner Pritsana Saen-ubon.


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