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Tawee claims self defence for shooting stray dog in public

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White Pitbull

American Pit Bull Terrier. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

AN ELDERLY former deputy minister yesterday pleaded for understanding after a picture of a blood-spattered dead stray dog went viral on the Internet, saying he had to shoot the animal to stop it from attacking him.

“I’m already 78 years old. With three dogs chasing after me and my leg bitten, I had to pull out my gun in self defence,” Tawee Kraikupt said.

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1 thought on “Tawee claims self defence for shooting stray dog in public

  1. I understand very well why this gentleman (Mr. Tawee Kraikupt) kills this dog. I am retired in Jomtien for one year. I have a son of 3 years old. We walk together every day but, at least once a month, my son is attacked by a dog. These animals feel the weakness of a child. I do not know how to defend my son because when I kick off the dogs, sometimes Thai People defend the dogs and I don’t want to break the law. What can I do in that case ?

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