Dutchman Arrested For Drugs and Money Laundering in Pattaya

Rural Royal Thai Police pick up truck in Na Wa, Nakhon Phanom province

Rural Royal Thai Police pick up truck in Na Wa, Nakhon Phanom province. Photo: Mattes.

DSI (Department of Special Investigation) and AMLO (Anti-money laundering office) have arrested a Dutch man with his wife after he had been caught dealing drugs and laundering money in Thailand.

PATTAYA – July 23, 2014 [Pattaya Daily News];-at 07.00 am Mr.Surasak Treerattanakul- Attorney General-, Mr.Wanchai Rujjanawong-Attorney General-, Mr.Permpoon Pengprasith-deputy attorney general of DSI-, Pol.Col.Singhanart Prayoonrat-secretary of AMLO- and Pol.Col.Kampol Leelaprapaporn-superintendent of Huay Yai police station- led a team with a court order to inspect a house in Soi Phoenix golf club road, Bang Lamung district after the officers had been notified by the Dutch embassy that Mr J. P. M. V. L. 53 year old from Netherlands and his men had been trading drugs and money laundering.

At the scene there were 2 luxury houses where the police found Mr. L. and Mrs.M. K. his 35 year old wife. The officers then searched the house and found some money, ornaments, gold ornaments and 2 pistols which were confiscated. Also they had confiscated houses, land deeds; cars and passbooks which were all valued about 50 million baht.

Mr.Surasak said that previously AMLO had cooperated with Dutch embassy that Mr L. had been trading cannabis in Netherlands without permission since 1st March 2007. He had opened coffee shops around the country as a cover to his real job and he had also grown cannabis in the basement. He then came to Thailand and set up a business to cover up his money laundering. Also he had bought lands, houses, cars and other property and was generating between 500-600 million baht per year.

Pattaya Daily News

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