Official among 6 shot dead in Pattani attacks

Thai soldiers confront with protesting Thai-Muslim villagers, top, during a protest outside Ingkhayuth military base in Pattani province, southern Thailand

Thai soldiers confront with protesting Thai-Muslim villagers. Photo: Sumeth Parnpetch.

Six people including a senior official were killed yesterday in two separate insurgent attacks in Pattani.

Hami Uma, deputy head of a local administrative body in Mayo district, was killed instantly along with driver Doraseh Jehlong after a pickup truck cut in front of their vehicle and four gunmen in the truck bed sprayed them with more than 100 rounds from M16 and AK47 assault rifles.

Stray bullets hit and killed passerby Saifoo Phayain and grazed a 13 year-old student.

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