Shell Thailand: Diesel B3 will be available this April

Nissan March K13 in Chiang Mai

Nissan March K13 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: Love Krittaya.

BANGKOK, MARCH 06 2011 (NNT) – According to Shell Thailand , after the government had announced to adjust the portion of Biodiesel B100 in diesel from five percent to two percent since the beginning of March, due to the insufficiency of palm oil for production and consumption in the country, Shell has started to distribute diesel B2 nationwide, according to the Ministry of Energy’s policy until at the end of March.

Furthermore, after the distribution of B2, the cost of production of Biodiesel decreases approximately 10 satang per liter, due to the earlier high prices of palm oil which was 73 baht per liter. Although the price of palm oil has decreased to 51 baht per liter now, it is still considered high. For the changes in portion of crude oil diesel, however, there are no impacts towards the sale, as consumers still trust and rely on the quality as it remains unchanged. Moreover, in April, Shell will also distribute Diesel B3 as usual, since there will be more production of palm. But more consideration concerning situation in palm production in the market along with the government policy is needed before distributing diesel B5.

National News Bureau of Thailand

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