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Karen soldier held a Thai national hostage in a protest against Burmese government

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TAK, 4 January 2011 (NNT)-The Karen soldier who held a Thai national hostage during his attempt to seek the United Nations’ help to restore democracy in Burma has already surrendered to the Thai police in Tak province.

The 36 years old soldier who claims to be a member of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army has been charged with illegal trespassing into the Thai territory and possession of war weapon.

The report stated that the Karen soldier had held hostage a 58-year old Thai man in front of the UN Office in Mae-Sod district and had threatened to kill the hostage, Mr. Saroj Laowan (สาโรจน์ เหล่าวัน), with an M26 grenade before he turned himself in. The soldier confessed that he had done that in his desperate attempt to get the UN to take actions against the Burmese junta government.


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