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No ceasefire at all as claimed by insurgents: ISOC

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Pattani Provincial Central Mosque

Pattani Provincial Central Mosque in the violence plagued South. Photo: Ukwaenterprise / flickr.

Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC) on Wednesday denied reports that Malay-Muslim separatist organisations unilaterally suspended organised attacks in three districts of Narathiwat province.

The Patani Malay Liberation Movement had issued a statement over the weekend, claiming that the unilateral cease-fire – billed as a confidence-building measure – was implemented in Rangae, Yingor and Choh I-Rong districts from June 10 until July 10.

ISOC’s spokesman Col Banpot Poonpien said that several attacks still happened in the province during the period the movement claimed to conduct the ceasefires.

“During the period of their said ceasefires, a bomb attack took place on June 18 in Joh I Rong district. The attacks which could be linked to the movement also happened in several areas of the province,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman said that ten attacks, one bomb attack and nine drive-by shootings, took place in the three districts between June 10 and July 10. Six people were killed and six others injured.

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