Out-of-control Chinese rocket threatens Earth: expected to crash this Friday or Saturday

Chinese rocket Long March 5 rolling out at WSLS
Chinese rocket Long March 5 rolling out at WSLS. Photo: Xiaojun Wang, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. CC BY 4.0.

On October 31, China launched one of its Long March 5B rockets from the Wenchang Space Launch Center (Hainan). With this launch, they sent the [Read More…]

Violent Clashes Break Out Across Israel Amid IDF-Hamas Rocket Exchanges

Smoke above Gaza Strip
Smoke above Gaza in during exchange of rockets between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants. Photo: Scott Bobb.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of emergency in Lod on Tuesday night, as Arab and Jewish communities took to the streets following [Read More…]

Indian Broadcaster NDTV’s Report on Gaza Rocket Launch Becomes Fodder for Propaganda

Thailand News Breaking News
Thailand News Breaking News. Image: TN.

A video report from NDTV showing Gazan militants firing a rocket towards Israel from within a residential area earned the Indian broadcaster attention around the [Read More…]