The Titan submersible, operated by OceanGate Expeditions during a private tour of the Titanic.

Tragic end for the Titan: five passengers confirmed dead after finding wreckage of the sub

After more than 96 hours since the Titan submersible disappeared in the Atlantic waters, the worst of the hypotheses that the authorities were considering was confirmed on Thursday. The search operation for the submersible that was on its way to visit the Titanic has found several parts of the submarine, confirming shortly after the death of the five passengers. “We regret the loss of life,” confirmed Oceangate, the company responsible for the voyage. This fatal outcome is due to a “catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber,” added John Mauger, commander of the First District of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Salvage operatives found the “landing frame and a rear deck of the submersible,” Richard Garriott, president of the Explorers Club, has said. The pieces were discovered approximately 500 meters from the bow of the ocean liner sunk in 1912 by the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Odysseus 6k.

The discovery took place just over an hour after the U.S. Coast Guard announced that a “debris field” had been found in the area where the Titanic had sunk.

As to how the wreckage was found, Paul Henken, an expert diver, said that rescuers found “five major pieces of debris”. As he explained, there was a first discovery in which a piece of the pressurized chamber was found, indicating “that there was a catastrophic event”. Secondly, another smaller debris field was located, where another end of the same chamber was sighted, which comprised the entire piece.

“Titanic” movie director and deep sea exploration veteran James Cameron said there were three possible areas of structural failure on the Titan submarine that could have led to its implosion. In an interview with Good Morning America he explained that “there were two titanium caps on each end. They’re relatively intact on the seabed, but that carbon fiber composite cylinder is now in very small pieces and it’s all rammed into one of the hemispheres. So it’s pretty clear that’s what failed.” He went on to say that the submarine’s creators were “trying to apply aeronautical thinking to a deep submergence engineering problem because you don’t use composite materials for boats that experience external pressure.”

According to recent reports, the U.S. Navy detected on Sunday the sound of an underwater implosion that was probably that of the Titan submersible, as it coincided with the submersion of the submersible. Officials of the service have confirmed this information to several US media following the press conference of the US Coast Guard and the report of the company OceanGate in which they reported that the submersible had suffered a “catastrophic implosion” with which the passengers on board the vessel have been presumed dead.

Before the terrible news, some experts had already predicted the fatal outcome. Guillermo Söhnlein, co-founder of Oceangate and former partner of Stockton Rush, occupant of the submersible, stated that the vessel would have suffered a “catastrophic implosion” at a depth of 3,300 meters, as finally confirmed by the United States Coast Guard.

David Mearns, a friend of two of the passengers, wanted to point out that at least the passengers did not suffer an agonizing death caused by the lack of oxygen. In recent days there had been talk that the submersible had air for a maximum of a few hours.

“At least it would have been immediate. The passengers will have had no idea what was going on,” Mearns told Sky News. “Death would have been instantaneous,” said Dale Mole, a former US Navy doctor.

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Regarding the bodies of the victims, the Coast Guard has explained that they may not be recovered due to the complicated location where the debris has been found. However, the authorities have confirmed that they will continue with the search to try to find the bodies of the five passengers.

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