Police Oppose Bail for Suspected Poisoner Serial Killer

Criminal Court in Ratchadaphisek Road, Bangkok

Criminal Court in Ratchadaphisek Road, Bangkok. Photo: ilawFX Freedom / flickr.

BANGKOK, April 26 (TNA) – A female suspect denied any involvement in serial murders by cyanide poisoning but the police oppose her bail for fear she could escape.

Serial killer ‘Jack the Ripper’ sentenced to death for 2019 murder

The suspect, identified as Ms Sararat “Aem” was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly killing her friend Ms Siriporn “Koy” who collapsed and died when she went to realease fish for merit making in Ratchaburi. The autopsy found cyanide in her body and her relatives filed a complaint to the police, leading the arrest of the suspect.

Full story: tna.mcot.net


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