New coronavirus infection may be through the eyes

Ambulance in Guangdong province, China

Ambulance in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, China. Photo: Navigator84.

BANGKOK (NNT) – The number of persons infected with coronavirus has increased with fears that it might be contracted through the eyes.

Dr Wang Guangfa of China has been infected with coronavirus because he was not wearing eyeglasses when he was close to a patient. Prof Paul Kellam, a viral specialist from Imperial College London, confirmed infection might occur through the eyes if exposed to a patient’s coughing or sneezing. Medical personnel would now have eye protection apart from nose and mouth protection in the face of a viral outbreak.

Chinese authorities have taken measures to quarantine persons who have been found on public transport systems to be infected or suspected of being so, with the new virus. Such patients would immediately be quarantined from other passengers and sent to the nearest hospital for closer observation.

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Reporter: tewit kemtong,
Rewriter: Rodney McNeil
National News Bureau of Thailand

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