Thousands Protest in Germany Following Suspected Gang Rape by Migrants

Freiburg in Germany

View of Freiburg in Germany. Photo: Jörgens Mi.

Seven Syrians and one German citizen have been arrested; they are suspected of raping an 18-year-old student. The men have been on the police radar long before the arrest for other alleged wrongdoings, which drew criticism on the authorities.

Up to 2,000 demonstrators flooded the streets of the university city of Freiburg in southern Germany following a gang rape, which was allegedly committed by migrants from Syria as well as one German citizen. The right-wing Alternative for Germany party brought around 500 people to protest the crimes committed by refugees and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migration policy, repeating demands for stricter migrant control following the arrest of the suspects.

This drew nearly 1,500 counter-protesters, who slammed the AfD for inducing hatred.

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