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End of Welcoming Culture: Germany Sets Up Centers for Asylum Seekers

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Liberals holding banners reading "One world - Refugees Welcome" during a pro-immigration demonstration in Europe

Liberals holding banners reading "One world - Refugees Welcome" during a demonstration pro-immigration in Europe. Photo: Ilias Bartolini / .flickr.

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) Luc Rivet – The welcoming culture of Germany, which came about in 2015, when its citizens applauded the arrival of trains filled with migrants and asylum seekers, vanished as the new government announced plans to accelerate the processing of asylum applications and establish holding centers to ensure consistent deportations.

Since 2015, when Germany welcomed hundreds of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers who were to be relocated across the country, the Germans have experienced the consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s so-called open doors policy.

One of such consequences was the mass sexual assaults and rapes of women by male migrants and asylum seekers during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city of Cologne in 2016, something which politicians attempted to conceal for days after the fact.

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