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Thai travelers are warned to learn about the country they visit to avoid breaking the law

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AMNAT CHAROEN, 30 August 2011 (NNT) – Deputy Governor of Amnat Charoen province Mr. Nopwatchara Singhsakda advised Thai citizens traveling to Lao People’s Democratic Republic to be aware of the dos and donts following the arrest of 3 Thais who had photographed Lao’ military unit.

Their actions have been considered a threat to Lao national security. The three of them; Mr. Samart Yaothani, Mr. Thanwa Suphakam and Mr. Worapol Kamsena, were in Uthummpond city where the 644th Military Battalion Artillery is located.

It is said that inside the Air Defense Unit there are other military branches and Lao central traffic control. Travelers are advised to do some background study about the country they are going to visit first to prevent similar incident from happening.

They can obtain such information from the foreign embassy in Thailand or the Thai embassy overseas. The 3 Thais had entered Laos via Chong Mek checkpoint in Ubon Ratchathani before they were arrested on 24 July 2011 while they were trying to return to Thailand from Nan. All of them had been released on a 12,000 THB fine according to the Lao law and are expected to return to Thailand today.

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